Human Effect

The GPA worked with accomplished projection installation artist Yandell Walton collaborated with animator Tobias Edwards and software developer Jayson Haebich to create this spectacular new interactive artwork.

Mapping the contours of an urban lane-way, Walton repurposes it as a canvas for a series of vibrantly animated projections, creating a paradise of verdant growth. Flowering vines twine up pipes, moss and ferns spread across the walls and carpets the floor, while vividly coloured butterflies alight on window ledges.

Human Effect has been redeveloped for unique sites in Australia including Melbourne 2012, Sydney 2013, Brisbane and Perth 2014, Digital Graffiti 2015 ( winner judges award) and Light City Baltimore 2015 Human Effect was supported by The City of Yarra and The City of Melbourne and is managed by The Gertrude Projection Association.



Public Art Project

Date: 2014, 2015

Featured Artists:
Yandell Walton